International Aimusic Festival

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Celebration

Presented by Aimusic School and Firebird Youth Chinese Orchestra (FYCO), the International Aimusic Festival is held in April and May in San Jose, California. Aimusic presents Eastern traditions while emphasizing courtesy, collaboration, comity, and understanding. The school‘s mission is to use these values to nurture positive human relationships.

The Festival celebrates the World Intangible Cultural Heritage arts proclaimed by UNESCO, as well as the National Intangible Cultural Heritage arts announced by China State Council. Aimusic has promoted Kunqu, Peking, Yueju Operas, Pingtan, and Cantonese music in its first Festival, and is open to staging other traditional performing art forms recognized for their distinct Eastern aesthetics.

In addition to artistic traditions, Aimusic promotes respect for the acoustic qualities in music, and hence advocates for un-amplified sound for all performances. Electricity and technology have brought modern conveniences to daily life, yet they have alienated people from nature in many ways. In times without sound reinforcement, performers’ voices still had to reach everyone in the audience, regardless of the venue: be it a teahouse, a courtyard, or a marketplace. Audiences used to be able to hear the singing clearly even in open spaces. Natural acoustics in cultural activities have been well preserved within the countrysides of China, and in opera houses/concert halls in the Western world.  However, this mindset is hardly practiced in most commercial or professional performances. Through this international cultural exchange activity, Aimusic School wishes for all to “go green” by listening to unaltered, natural sounds.

Aimusic thanks the city of San Jose, the state of California, and the federal government for their support in the US. In China, the Municipal Cultural Bureau of Suzhou dedicated great efforts to the Festival. It was truly a unique, multifaceted international exchange activity, with contributions from the governments and individuals from both countries. We trust that all participants enjoyed lifetime benefits from this exceptional experience.

Aimusic cordially invites performing arts groups, music schools, municipal organizations, and folk arts performers to join our Festival. Presenting traditional arts in the traditional manner, our Festival brings them to the world in their original colors, and enduringly natural flavors.

1st International Aimusic Festival

April 28 – May 7, 2016

Opening Ceremony: Exhibition––Traditional Arts of Suzhou

San Jose City College Gallery (photos)

Ceremony VIP (from the left): Tang Jun, director of Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture; Xiao Xiayong, Cultural Consul of Consulate General of China in SF; Dr. Bryon Breland, president of San Jose City College; Luo Linquan, consul general of Consulate General of China in SF; Allen Peter, chair of San Jose Arts Commission; Wu Jiawen, performer of Suzhou City Pingtan Troupe; Xie Tan, principal of Aimusic School; Yu Zhang, artistic director of Firebird Youth Chinese Orchestra.

Guqin & Pingtan Concert

San Jose City College Theater (photos)

Guqin by Xu Junyue, president of Hangzhou West Lake Guqin Society and China Association of Guqin.

Traditional Music Concert

San Jose City College Theater (photos)

Developing Virtue Youth Chinese Orchestra from the Ten Thousand Buddha City.

Artistic Legacy of Traditional Chinese Music

San Jose City Hall Rotunda (photos)

Aimusic instructors with Cultural Affair officers of the City of San Jose.

Closing Ceremony: World Intangible Cultural Heritage Kunqu & Peking Opera

California Theater (photos)

Xiao Xiayong, Cultural Consul of Consulate General of China in SF with the Festival performers.