Our concerts showcase original works and new arrangements enjoyed by our audience from multicultural backgrounds. In 2010, three instructors performed our principal’s Young Impressions of the Old City, a symphonic suite for Erhu, Pipa, and Sheng with Symphony Silicon Valley, setting a landmark in the field of orchestral music both Western and Chinese. A gentleman greeted the composer after the concert: “I don’t read music. I don’t play any instrument. I don’t know music at all. Yet your music touched my heart. It’ll stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Symphonic Suite, 2010

Shaolin Zen Concert, 2009

Chinese Operatic Music Concert, 2008

Student Performances

We serve our multicultural community with energetic performances by young performers. Every year, over 10,000 community residents attend our shows in libraries, museums, senior homes, schools, cultural events, and national and international conferences. Enterprises and organizations we performed at include Apple, Microsoft, eBay, Target, Stanford Shopping Center, College Board, Sing Tao Daily, World Journal, NBC11, and NBA.

Curious Audience, 2014

National Anthem for a NBA Game, 2013

Melody of Yueju, 2011

Professional Commissions

Faculty members provide various commissioned performances with great flexibility in terms of format. They can accommodate most location, occasion, and date requests. Most faculty members came from national orchestras, theaters, and conservatories of music in China. Not only can they present local-styled music from any region of China, they can also play any world music from a specific cultural tradition. Their music brings an unusual experience to the audience. An audience member wrote to us: “Wonderful! Touches the soul deeply! Thank you so much for your dedication and enormous heart!”

Cartier Celebrating Lunar New Year, 2014

Act of Culture supported by Knight Foundation, San Jose Public Library Cambrian Branch, 2014

Sheng Solo, 2011