2016-2017 New Student Plan

Aimusic School provides a free Music Education for Youth program for first time freshman students. Those who have learned the Piano, no matter for how long, are recommended for a string instrument, either Chinese or Western for a more beneficial experience playing in the orchestra in the future. How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain by TED Ed has an exploration.

Newcomers whom have learned a string, wind, or plucked instrument in the past can join our Sophomore, Junior, or Senior group directly. Their 1st year tuition is free, too.

Please be aware of that additional registration needs separate email account.

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Help students choose the most appropriate instrument to learn.
DateSaturday, Sep 3
Orientation Fee$40

Western Instruments

DateSaturday afternoons, Sep 10 – May 13
Time for FreshmanInstrument Class: 13:30–14:20
Music Theory: 14:30–15:20
InstrumentsViolin, Cello, Keyboard
See Instructors
Age6 and up

Chinese Instruments

DateSunday afternoons, Sep 11 – May 14
Time for FreshmanInstrument Class: 13:30–14:20
Music Theory: 14:30–15:20
InstrumentsErhu, Zheng, Liuqin, Ruan, Pipa, Dizi, Sheng, Suona
See Instructors
Age7 and up

Class Location

San Jose City College Music Department, 2100 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA 95128
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